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 Board Rules !!

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PostSubject: Board Rules !!   Sun Jun 21, 2009 12:33 pm

To use this Forum without Problems and don't get any problems with other users or something else, i list the forum rules for you.
Please follow the rules or you could get in trouble which nobody wants
so , here are the board rules , please read them carefully :


- be nice /friendly

- try to help users

- if you got problems with some user DON´T flame at him

- if a "n00b" did something wrong , call attention to this rules

- someone flames at you ? REPORT him , DON`T flame back

- you got some question ? Ask a moderator or some user with experience via pm


- if you post some file which includes trojan / keylogger etc you WILL get banned

- if you flame other users you will get some infraction

- if you post a question in a release section (which is marced with [NO QUESTIONS] ) you get a warning or a infraction (if it was your first time , a warning , if you´ve done this more than one time => infraction )

- referrer links are forbidden , please edit your signature if you got some of them in your signature (if you don´t edit it , and someone of our team see it , you probably get a warning or a infranction )

- Advertising without a link back to elitepvpers is forbidden

- if you post racistic comments , you will be banned

- if you want to spam , go to the offtopic and post it there

- Warez are forbidden , if you post it , don´t marvel if you are banned

- Double posting , or pushing up really old Topics , just for fun is not allowed

- Signature rules -

- Width : not bigger than the post signature table width
- hight : not bigger than 200px
- Size : not bigger than 300kb
- amount : 2 , but these may not be bigger than 300x200 combined (for example 2 banners with 150x100)
- no obscene themes and no flamings
- not TOOO much text

thx for reading
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Board Rules !!
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